Our Story

How We Met
The short version: Reece and I met in the fall of 2007, in a religion class at BYU. Cheesy, right? We know. We love it. :)

The long version: It was the second week of classes, and they changed our classroom number. I didn't have a class right before, so I got there plenty early to make sure I didn't get lost. There was a class in progress still, so I sat down outside the room and pulled out some of my other homework. I was pretty zoned in, so I only half-noticed that someone had sat down near me, until he started talking. He asked what I was reading, and I showed him my textbook; it turns out, he'd taken the same creative writing class that I was studying for. We started talking about writing, and reading, and stories. When the classroom opened up, we sat next to each other.

We kept talking, before and after class, for a week or two. He offered to send me some story ideas, and asked for my e-mail address. I was sure he'd ask me out, but he didn't. He never even sent any stories. I knew he was single, but figured he just wasn't interested.

Facebook was still pretty new at that point. I knew he worked for the university newspaper, so I checked their masthead (list of contributors) for his last name so I could look him up (I know, I sound like a total stalker). When I saw his profile, I was surprised at how much we had in common. I edited mine a little; not making anything up, just putting our common interests at the top of my lists.

A couple of days later, I got a message from Reece. He mentioned our common interests, and asked me out for that Friday (September 21), for Peruvian food. I quickly accepted, and then called my roommates in for an emergency Google search to figure out what Peruvian food is like.

I was nervous before our date. My friend came over to do my makeup:

Reece picked me up (he is still embarrassed by how beat-up his old car was, but I didn't mind), and took me to La Carreta. It was good! We ended up taking a very long walk (on which it transpired that neither of us can dance--Reece says he was so relieved!), and talking long into the night.

That fall was a blur of dating and getting to know each other. I couldn't afford to fly home to California for Thanksgiving, so Reece invited me to drive to Denver with him and his brother, and spend it with his family. I was nervous, but it was great!
They insisted I pose with the family for pictures; I hadn't done
my hair, so I left my headband on. I remember thinking how weird
this picture would be if we broke up. Good thing we didn't!
Our Wedding
By New Year's, we knew we wanted to get married. We drove to California in March, for Reece to meet my family. We were officially engaged in April, and married in July.

We got married in the Los Angeles LDS temple, and had our reception at my parents' friend's house.

Our Life
We spent 2 more years at BYU. After we'd both graduated (Reece in 2009, me in 2010), we moved to the greater Salt Lake area. We've been in the same spot since we moved up here, and we love our cozy apartment and the great ward (religious congregation) we live in.

For fun, we like to watch movies together, hike, and read (separately and aloud together). We like attending plays and concerts, and spending time with family and friends. We are terrible at remembering to take pictures. It's gotten a little better since we both got smartphones, but still, we forget. I'm making a conscious effort to take more, so we'll have something to post on this blog!

Here's some of the few we have:

walking through the snow

on a day date to downtown SLC

relaxing on a Sunday afternoon

at the Hogle Zoo!

camping in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
just set up our tent!

end of the week in Jackson Hole

date night!

family photos 2011

at Comic Con

taking our nephew to the zoo

Reece doing the dishes
(he is a rockstar, he does them all the time!) 

wearing my great-grandmother's crystal jewelry for New Year's Eve

stayed up late to watch the lunar eclipse

"Do you want to build a snowman?"
This is in 2013. I had literally never built one before!

sorting pictures for Reece's mission album

Thanksgiving photo booth at our place!

Reece, reading books with our niece

just after he finished putting together the Lego X-Wing his brother gave him
(it's on top of one of our bookcases, on display)

Our Plans for Children
We stated trying to have children within a year after our wedding. The long story made short is that we both have some issues that make it highly unlikely we'll ever conceive naturally. We've done infertility treatments, which were all unsuccessful.

Although infertility is not fun, I am grateful for all that we've learned from it. We have met some wonderful friends because of this experience, and it has brought us so much closer to each other. Best of all, it has led us to adoption! We are so excited about this journey, more so than we ever were about fertility treatments.

Summing It Up
We love each other more every day, and we're excited to see what else life has to bring us!

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