Our Letter

Dear Friend — 

We're not really sure how to start this letter because there are so many things that just can't be put into words. You're reading this because you, or someone you love, is faced with a difficult decision--whether or not to place your child for adoption. We can't imagine all that you are going through, but we are glad you're considering adoption. Whatever you choose, we hope you feel at peace with your decision. We are excited and nervous to be in this adoption process. We can hardly wait to see how everything works out. Through all of it, we believe that God has a plan for each of us, personally.

We would love to get to know you better, and we hope we get that opportunity. For now, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves. 

About Reece, by Haley
What really stands out the most to me about Reece is what a sincerely good man he is. I often get a text from him that he’ll be a little late home because he’s shoveling a stranger’s car out of the snow, or wake up to a note that he’ll be back later after helping new neighbors move in. He is also really funny, and has mastered the “lame dad” joke. He makes me laugh every day. 

Reece works as a technical writer for a local software company, and on the side he is an editor for a small publishing company. Three of the books he’s edited have been released, and several more are scheduled through 2014 and 2015. He is a really talented editor, and he absolutely loves his work. It’s fun to discuss books with him, because he’s so passionate about them. He also loves Legos, Star Wars (well, most science fiction to be honest, as well as fantasy), reading, and cycling and hiking, both alone and with family.  

About Haley, by Reece
I love that Haley is such a joyful person. She likes to draw and make up games, and she especially loves music. By day she works as a customer service agent for eBay, but she also teaches piano. At church, she serves as the children’s music director, and as the accompanist for the adult choir. She has also played the organ for church on and off for about 10 years. When not working or teaching music, she likes to play her piano and sing. Her mom always made up silly songs around the house, and she has started doing the same thing while she’s cooking or doing housework. She likes to read as well; in fact, we literally have hundreds of books in our home, and more than half of them are “hers.” Between that and the public library, we’ve always got something to read either by ourselves or together. 

I also admire how much Haley tries to give back to the community. She runs a support group for women and couples with infertility. She often babysits for various neighbors. She also goes out of her way to put together small gifts or care packages for friends and family. For her sister’s trip to Romania, she put together 12 mini-care packages, one for each week, and packed them in a shoebox so her sister could fit them easily in her suitcase; she included a pendant necklace that is a map of the country, "so [her sister] can keep [her] experience close to [her] heart." 

Haley is a very hard worker and is one of the top-rated employees in her department. However, when we have a child come into our home, she looks forward to leaving her job so she can devote herself to caring for and raising him or her. Being a mother has been her greatest aspiration for as long as I have known her.

Our Marriage
We met in a college class in fall 2007, and quickly fell in love. We were married in the summer of 2008, in the Los Angeles LDS Temple. We both feel that, as cheesy as it sounds, we are each other's soul mates. I can't imagine being happier than I am with him.
After both graduating from BYU, we moved to the greater Salt Lake area. We like living here and taking advantage of all that the area offers—great hiking, concerts, museums, and the zoo! We also live fairly close to family (some from each side), so we get to spend time with our siblings, niece and nephews. It’s a lot of fun to go with them to the zoo or aquarium, or even just playing at home. There’s a playground in our apartment complex, and the kids call it “Aunt Haley’s park.” We’ve spent happy times there, on the swings, playing frisbee, and shooting Nerf guns. 

We both come from families of 4 kids (Reece is the youngest, Haley is the oldest), and we have always wanted a family. After our difficulties in having biological children, we felt drawn to adoption. We feel that this is the right choice for our family, and are excited to see how the Lord will bless our lives through the miracle of adoption. 

We hope to be able to buy a house within a few years, but we’ve decided to pursue parenthood first; after all, the home we have is very comfortable and would be a wonderful place for your child to begin his or her life, and we love the community and ward (church congregation) we live in.

We would like to have an open adoption. We will tell your child about you, about who you are and where they came from. We will teach your child about adoption, what that means, and how much they are loved by two families. We would love to stay in touch and communicate with you as much and as often as is comfortable for everyone involved. 

We want to raise children who, first and foremost, are happy. We believe that happiness comes when we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the commandments of Heavenly Father. Church attendance and spiritual growth are a big part of our family, and your child will have opportunities to learn about Heavenly Father and their unique purpose in life. 

Education is also important to us, and we will give your child every opportunity we can to learn about the world around them, whether at home, at school, or in the community. This includes not only school, but music lessons and sports teams as well. 

We want to raise children who love to read, who enjoy the outdoors, and who appreciate music in all its forms. We realize that much of this depends on each individual child, but we plan to help them by doing all of these things as a family—reading together (whether individually or aloud as a family), going hiking and camping, and filling our home with music and helping them learn to make music of their own.

We hope this letter helped you learn a little more about us. We hope that you’ll consider us to raise your child. We’d love to hear from you and get to know you, too. We wish you all the guidance and blessings you need to go through the challenges before you. In closing, we'd like to make you this promise: your child would be a precious gift to us, and if you choose us, we will do our best to help him or her be a gift to the world

Warmest Regards — 

Reece and Haley

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