Reece was born in Colorado, and mostly raised there; his family lived in Las Vegas for a few years. He loved being outside (which was good, because his family hiked and camped all the time!). He had a lot of fun with imaginative play, and making swords, shields, and guns out of cardboard. He even made a Storm Trooper costume from cardboard one year for Halloween:

He also always liked stories: telling them, hearing them, reading them, and making them up! Robin Hood was a favorite, as was Star Wars.

Reece liked school growing up, especially English and science. He was in the GATE program, so there was always something extra and interesting to do.
He also enjoyed extra-curriculars like theater and cross country. He was also in National Honor Society, and a photographer for the high school paper.
In college, Reece went to Brigham Young University. He studied Communications with an emphasis in Print Journalism. He considered studying English, but was intimidated by all the reading, since he doesn't read very quickly (although he does love to read). He minored in Editing, and that's become most of what he does.

Note: we don't have any pictures of Reece's college graduation, because instead of attending the ceremony, he wanted to go the zoo! So we did.
Reece posing with the Alumni plate frame Haley gave him for graduation

During the summers through high school and college, Reece worked as a life guard. In fact, it became sort of a mindset: he once yelled "Walk!" at a grocery store employee!
At BYU, he worked as a copy editor for the university's newspaper, and also for a while as an editor for BYU Broadcasting. After graduating, he found a job with the LDS Church, converting print media to digital media. For the last few years, he's worked as a technical writer at a local software company. And most excitingly, he works in the evenings as a managing editor for a fiction publishing company! He started that last year, and moved up from intern, to editor, to managing editor. 11 of the books he's edited have been released, with several more on the way.
We have a shelf dedicated to the books Reece has edited :)

Reece and Haley are both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Religion and spirituality is important to both of them. Reece was active in the children's and youth groups growing up, including the weekly activities in the evenings. He was also active in Boy Scouts, and earned his Eagle Scout award at age 15.
Just after turning 20, Reece left to serve a 2-year mission in Peru, teaching about Jesus Christ and serving the people. (The typical age for young men to leave was 19; Reece had a slight delay due to a clerical issue in his medical papers; everything was and is fine though.) He spent time in the suburbs of Lima, and also in parts of the Andes.
this cute little lamb was in one of the homes he visited

Reece loves to write. He designs and draws characters, and outlines stories. He's finished a couple of novel-length works, and would like to have them published someday.
some recent doodles
Editing is really what he enjoys the most. He's a talented editor, and the authors he's worked with like him a lot. He loves taking sentences that are awkward or confusing and making them better; it's like a puzzle.
in the armchair in our living room, editing on his iPad

I would also like to take a minute and tell you how funny he is! He makes me laugh every day. A little while ago I texted him, asking for some motivation to get things done, and this is what he sent me back:

And that's Reece 101! Hope this helped you get to know him a little better.

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