I was born and grew up in southern California. I loved music, playing both piano and organ, as well as singing; and reading anything I could get my hands on! I remember racing into the backyard after school, book in hand, to read under our orange tree. 

I also liked playing with my 3 younger sisters. We played "2-square" in our driveway, using the cracks as our court lines; we played on the trampoline and swingset in the backyard; and we played a lot of pretend games. After Pocahontas came out, we played Indians for weeks. 

I've always liked school. Learning is fun, and plus, it's an excuse to read!
I was pretty involved in extra-curriculars in middle and high school. I especially liked the school plays and musicals. I did National Honor Society and some other things as well. 
In college, I majored in English; it took me a while to decide on it, but I loved every second of it. I went to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I got my mrs degree there, too, as my mom jokes--Reece and I got married the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college. I loved attending all the concerts (especially the choirs), museum exhibits, and plays that I could get tickets to. Fun fun fun!
me with Reece on my graduation day

This is in the courtyard of the building where I had most of my classes, and also the
building where I met Reece! I played in it with a bunch of friends during my
freshman year. I always wanted to jump back in the fountain on hot
days. So we did it during our graduation photo shoot :)

I've had a few different jobs, but there's definitely a running theme: education!
In high school, I tutored middle school students, both privately and in groups. (I also worked at Papa John's Pizza--couldn't eat it for a while after I quit!) I also taught piano lessons to several beginner students.
me (second from left) with the kids I tutored,
and the faculty advisor for the program
In college, I worked as a custodian for a little while, but was thrilled to move on to a job in the university's library. I worked in the Special Collections, which is where they keep the old, rare, valuable stuff. I got to transcribe old letters and journals, and help curators with research projects. It was a great job!
Once I graduated, I had to leave my student job. I nannied for my first nephew for a little while, and also worked in a tutoring program at the local middle school. I teach piano and organ (I currently have 5 students, and I love working with them). 

My husband and I are both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love our church, and religious study and spiritual growth are both very important to me. I've always been pretty involved with church; I started playing the organ when I was 15, and have played in various wards (local congregations). In high school I attended early morning seminary (religious education) before school every day, and went to youth group on Wednesday nights. 
BYU is affiliated with the LDS church, so there were lots of activities and opportunities for involvement in college. I taught Relief Society (women's auxiliary) in 2 wards there, and again served as an organist. 
We've been in the same ward since we moved away from Provo, and I've done a few things here. I'm currently serving as the choir accompanist, and as the Primary Chorister (children's choir director). I get to work with the kids ages 3-11 every Sunday, teaching them songs and playing games, and we have a performance during church every fall. I've been working with the Primary for about 4 and a half years, and I still love it so much! 

Luckily, lots of my church callings have involved music; it's one of my favorite things to do! My parents gave me and my sisters piano lessons and took us to lots of performances when we were kids, including the symphony. I love playing and singing! Last year we bought a digital piano, and I play it every day. I also have a lap harp, a set of handbells, and a rhythm set that I use with the Primary kids. I look forward to exposing our children to music in lots of different ways. 

I also still love reading. We have 4 big bookcases from Ikea, all of which are full. We have lots of different kinds of books, and already have lots of children's books. It's so much fun to read with our niece and nephews, and our friends' children, when they come over. 

I also like to journal. I've been keeping one since I was about 9, and last year, I scanned the pages and had them bound into a book! 
I indexed them, too, so I can easily find what I'm looking for
(I know, I'm a nerd)
I like to doodle and draw in my journals, so I keep them in a sketchbook. 
an entry about animals (and the vet memoirs I read about them)
and about how much I loved Little House on the Prairie as a kid

I also love spending time with friends and family. We have lots of dinners over at our place, and babysit all the time. We also like to do fun things around the holidays. I love decorating our place!

Valentine's Day chalkboard
(Reece is a huge Star Wars fan)

Valentine's Day card box;  I made this for work this year
I love to do chalkboards around the house for each holiday

Easter this year; I set a menu at each place, with egg place cards.
Dessert was a chocolate egg filled with cheesecake. The yolk was
a passionfruit-apricot curd. It turned out yummy!
dessert kebabs for my aunt's 4th of July party
strawberries and blueberries and marshmallows and brownies (oh my)

Christmas Eve dinner table; we had zuppa toscana, and I put Christmas
crackers at each place setting. We also made wassail to drink! It was good!
snowman cookies! Thank you Pinterest for the cute idea!
I made these for a Christmas party I hosted last year
Buche de Noel: a traditional french cake roll, decorated to look
like a Yule log. I make this for Christmas. 
I could do a whole post (or even a whole series of posts) on decorating for Christmas. It's my favorite holiday, and I have lots of really fun Christmas stuff! I'll spare you the ridiculous number of photos it would take :)

Well, that about sums me up, I guess. It's so weird to write a post about myself like this. I hope it wasn't too long. 

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