Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Family, Food, Fun!

We've had a busy week or so! So once again, it's time to play catch-up on the blog, which I consistently mean to post on, and promptly forget about.

The weekend before last was General Conference--a twice-annual, two-day even in which members of our church attend/watch/listen to several sessions of addresses from the leadership of our church. I always look forward to it; it is very uplifting, and a great chance to take some time and take a look at myself and my life and ways I can do better.

October Conference is particularly nice in our house, because it's the weekend we always make apple butter! It's delicious on pancakes or popovers :)

Popovers and apple butter, with a side of bacon. Best breakfast ever!

all packaged up, along with some fresh homemade bread
This went to my sister :)
We got to spend some time with my niece and nephew that Saturday. It was fun to have them over to play! Our nephew loves to snuggle, which is just fine with us! Here he is with Reece:
so darn cute!
That Sunday, we drove my youngest sister back up to school at BYU-Idaho. It was a late night; we left Salt Lake at 4:00, got to Rexburg about 9:00, and turned around and came straight back. We got home around 1:00 am. We both took Monday morning off so we could sleep in. It worked out well. 

Monday evening was great; we went to Reece's brother's house, to see them and also Reece's other brother, who was in town from Alaska with his family. It was so much fun! We haven't seen them in a year. We're planning to go up and see them next July. 
The whole group; and our forthcoming nephew, seen in our sister-in-law's baby bump on the left :)

We had a friend to dinner on Wednesday; I made copycat Cafe Rio steak tacos (homemade tortillas, pico, steak; rice and beans; and we got some Cafe Rio tomatillo dressing), and they turned out pretty good! It was my first time trying the recipes for everything but the tortillas; they're definitely keepers! 

On Thursday I had a training for Primary (LDS children's organization, where I do the music on Sundays), and it was lots of fun to exchange ideas with the other music people. 

Friday and Saturday nights I had to myself; Reece had a computer game night with the 12-13 year old boys (he works at the office where they hold the game night, and works with the boys at church, so he always chaperones the evening), and on Saturday he had a meeting with the publishing company where he works down in the next county. It worked out well, as I had a lot of time to prepare for our Primary program!

Once a year, the Primary kids do a performance in our Sunday meeting. They each have speaking parts, and there are several songs (usually around 8). There are 90 kids in our Primary, so we have a big group! They did so well! I told the kids that, for every song they sang nicely, I would put a big marshmallow in my mouth and then sing a song to them. They love this idea; I did it for last year's performance too. So on Sunday, after the program, I put 8 big marshmallows in my mouth and sang "Popcorn Popping" (a silly song from the children's music book; it's one of our favorites). It was hilarious! We split the kids into two groups, since there are so many, and meet with the younger group during one hour and the older group during the second hour. So actually I had to do the marshmallows twice. Some of the teachers took pictures, and one of the older kids took a video. However I made them promise it will never end up on the internet! So I do not have a picture for you. And if I did, I wouldn't post it. I may not have any shame in trying to make those kids laugh, but I have enough that I don't want the internet to laugh at me! 

So there we are, all caught up. Hope you've been having as much fun as we have!

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