Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekend Fun!

We had a great weekend! I am just now remembering to blog about it, just as we start another weekend, so please forgive the delay! 

On Friday, Reece went to lunch with his brother. That evening, we had an epic date night: dinner at Texas Roadhouse (where we sat at the bar because there was a 90 minute wait for a table!), the we went to Barnes & Noble and got a new book to read together, and then went to the movies for free! I had 2 tickets and a popcorn voucher from work. It was so fun!

On Saturday, I went to lunch and went shopping with 2 of my sisters. That evening, we went to the book launch for the 7th book Reece has worked on! It was so exciting; we love this author, she is professionally very talented, and personally very nice. 
Afterwards, we went out to dinner at CPK. 

Sunday was very relaxing; we didn't have regular church, because they were dedicating a temple (in the Latter-day Saint church, temples are a sacred place where we go to make covenants with God and learn about Him and His plan for us). It was a chill day at home (our scheduled time to attend the dedication was 4:00; they had multiple sessions and broadcasted it to regular meetinghouses so the most possible people could attend if they wished). 

Then on Monday, we decided to continue the weekend further! Reece's work schedule gives him a half day off each week, so he took it on Monday, and we drove up to Park City for the afternoon. We spent it walking up and down Main Street: 

We got a late lunch at the Main Street Deli (BEST pastrami sandwich I've ever had!).

We also went to Dolly's, this adorable independent bookstore (how cute are those kitties?!), and got a new book...

...then we went next door and each got a little something at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. 

It was sooo much fun! This upcoming weekend will be a little more chill, with a lot more staying at home. We're excited about that, too. 

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