Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fourth of July

This post is a little late, but I wanted to put it up! We had a fun 4th of July here.

We started out the morning by going to the pancake breakfast that our ward (local congregation) hosted. After that we came home to get going on cookies for the party at Haley's aunt's house that evening. They turned out pretty good!

In the late afternoon, we walked around the fair that our city does. It was cute. And then the main event: we went to Haley's aunt's house for tank wars and watching the big fireworks!

She does this big party every year, and buys lots of those little fireworks that look like tanks, and the smoke balls and poppers and flashers and parachutes, and lots of little army men. We set them up and have battles until it gets dark. It is so much fun! Her husband is a great cook, so we always have good food too. 

One round of fireworks going off

the aftermath (her driveway is stained until it snows!)

We ended the night with sparklers, and holding hands with my sweetheart :)

It was a fun holiday! We can't wait to take our children to this fun family-and-friends party!

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