Saturday, June 21, 2014

Passalong cards are here!

When we got back from our trip, we found that our passalong cards had been delivered while we were gone!

Passalong cards, if you're unfamiliar with them, are like business cards for adoptions. They include a photo of us, the fact that we're adopting, and our contact information on the back. I also made a QR code that directs to our blog, and put that on the back. We give them to clergy members, doctors offices, friends and family, hairstylists...pretty much anyone. The whole point is to help spread the word that we're adopting. Matches actually do happen through passalong cards. I posted on Facebook and Instagram. Somewhere out there is a pregnant woman we are supposed to meet and become friends with, who is supposed to be in our lives and we in hers. This is another way to try and find her.

We are sending a few to friends and family so they can help distribute them. Included with the cards is a letter of do's/don't's on distributing them. So Reece and I started stuffing envelopes last night, and we have card holders at our desks at work, and we both keep cards in our wallet. We're gonna try to not be annoying about handing these out, but we also want to be ready with them when needed.

Sponge & water is for sealing envelopes without paper cuts on my tongue.
Diet Coke is for energy.
Dad said our future child is going to get a kick out of this picture when they're older. Haha!

Also in this post, I wanted to address the recent changes our agency (LDS Family Services) has announced. Basically they're going to stop being an agency. If we are matched with an expectant mother before December 31, 2014, we can proceed with them as expected. After that point, they will act as adoption counselors to help us figure out the independent adoption process. So it is another bump in the road for us, but one we are going to figure out, just like the rest!

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