Thursday, May 1, 2014

Why Adoption?

Why adoption? Because we know this is how we will build our family. This decision was actually a while in coming, but now that we have made it, we feel so ready. We have never felt so eager and happy about a decision as we do about this.

Deciding to Adopt
Last January, after a final failed fertility treatment in December, we were talking about our options and next steps. Adoption came up very quickly; it had been on both of our minds. We discussed it, and prayed about it, and agreed to keep thinking and come back in a day or so and talk again. As we continued talking, we realized we were speaking as though we'd already decided "yes." As soon as we realized that, we understood how right this decision is for us. The next day, we called the adoption agency, and we've been plugging along at paperwork ever since! We're hoping to be officially approved by mid- to late May.

Our Support System
Our families and friends are very supportive. When we announced our plans on facebook, we got more likes than when I announced our engagement!

We have lots of good friends who have adopted, and several who have placed children for adoption. So we are getting support from both sides of the experience! It's been so amazing and humbling to see how many people care about us and support us in this journey. I am so grateful for all the advice and help we've already received.

When we decided to adopt, we started saving right away, trimming extras out of our budget and squirreling away whatever we could. We also made a coin bank out of a bottle, sort of a symbolic reminder of what we're doing this for.

Open or Closed?
We want to have an open adoption, where we stay in touch with the birth family. There are lots of levels of openness, so this can mean different things for different families. We're not setting our hearts on having a certain level of contact, or a certain number of visits per year or anything like that. What we ultimately want is for everyone involved to feel comfortable and happy with what's arranged. So we'll discuss the openness with the birth parents, and decide together.

Well, I guess that pretty much sums it up for now. See ya later!

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