Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Started the Baby's Room!

Last weekend we started slowly converting the music room to a baby's room. It's been a lot of fun! It might seem premature, to start all this before we've been matched with an expectant mother, but we decided to do it for several reasons:

  1. We don't want to end up having to put it all together super fast, if we have a placement like that
  2. It's fun!
  3. And it's a nice way to "nest," as it were; I love decorating and organizing, and it's nice to have a reason--even a future reason--to do this
Stuff-wise, we have a few things. We got some onesies and the cutest pair of duck pajamas ever. We've also been slowly buying diapers and wipes, so it's not overwhelming to stock up. We got a diaper bag (scored a sweet deal on a Petunia Pickle Bottom), and a baby monitor (the video one I like was way on sale; plus we can play secret agent spy until placement, haha!). 

Screenshot of the monitor app. Classic Reece :)

We also got a couple decor things:
Ikea hack: shelf with rail 
This shelf is just beside the changing table/dresser, so we can easily reach clothes. We've bought a couple more things since I took this photo. That onesie in the back is from the New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks (called such because they wear "all black"); my sister got it for us when she was studying abroad there. The brown bear on the right was Reece's as a kid; it's all worn out around the neck, where he used to hold it. The book and picture were mine as a little girl. And the bunny, we made together at Build-A-Bear a few years ago.

Alphabet zoo decal, and growth chart

I found a good deal on this decal, which will be over the crib (currently the blanket rack and table is there, because the piano is where those things will go; this is a work-in-progresss!). When I showed my mom the picture, she told me that she had an alphabet poster on the wall in my nursery! Fun coincidence. The growth chart, which you can kind of see to the right, is a project I made at a Relief Society (LDS women's auxiliary). I use it for now as a singing meter for the Primary (children's choir) I teach. 

So that's the current state of the room! Stay tuned for progress!

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