Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May the Fourth Be With You

Last week, we celebrated one of our favorite "silly" holidays: May the Fourth!
("May the fourth be with you" - "May the force be with you" - Star Wars)

Because we were babysitting on May 4, we ended up celebrating on May 5 ("Revenge of the Fifth!"). We had Monday off anyway, with the way our work schedules currently are. So we woke up and went for a hike first! It was finally warm enough to go up higher in the mountains.

We decided to do Silver Lake, up Big Cottonwood canyon here in Utah. But when we got there, it looked like this:

Oops! Guess it's still a little early in the year. We didn't consider how high up in the mountains it is! So we drove back down the canyon and found a snow-less place to hike (and stumbled on a great picnic spot, which we will definitely use later on!)

After we got home, we got down to the Star Wars fun! We watched the original trilogy (we're not hard-core enough to watch all 6, plus the animated Clone Wars spin-off, in 1 day). During the second movie, I served dessert:

It's vanilla ice cream, strategically scooped to look like the snowy landscape, and I put characters and robots from the movie in it! So fun.

Oh! and one more funny thing. We had to ship something we sold on eBay, and on our way home, we saw this:

Looks like times are tough for Scooby and the gang.... Haha!

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