Sunday, May 4, 2014


This afternoon, we were hanging out at home when a friend called and asked if we'd watch their 3 kids (ages 7, 4, and 18 months) for a little while so dad could get some peace and quiet to study for school. Of course we said yes; we've babysat these kids before and they are fun!

We played outside at the playground, on swings and slides and sand, and blew up a bunch of balloons. We made hot dogs for dinner, and let them each have a cookie (after dinner, of course). It was fun! (Side note: we have these rattley pool toys in our toy box, and all the kids who come over love them! Best dollar I ever spent!) 

About Reece, by Haley
I was so impressed with Reece today. He was so good with the kids. I knew he's good with kids, but it's different to have so many at our house. He thought about so many little things, like locking our buffet cabinet with the breakables, and turning in the handle on the pot when we boiled hot dogs. He was so quick with water and snacks, and it was cute to watch him follow the littlest one at the playground and do the swings and slides with him. It just reminded me again what a great dad he's going to be. 

About Haley, by Reece

Haley never ceases to impress me when it comes to taking care of kids. The two older kids, whom I will call Luke and Leia (they're Star Wars fans, like me!), kept getting into arguments over sharing the toys, but Haley kept her cool and helped them settle things without fighting. She is also very good about sticking to the rules while still being sympathetic and understanding: Luke didn't want to to eat hot dogs for dinner (or anything else, for that matter) but still wanted a cookie. Haley explained very patiently that he couldn't have a cookie until after he ate dinner. Luke wasn't happy, but he finally conceded the point (he REALLY wanted a cookie), and Haley was so kind and patient about the whole thing that he wasn't even angry. She comforted the baby when he fell and started crying. She is going to be such a wonderful mother!!!

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