Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life with us lately

I've been thinking about doing this blog for a little while, but haven't had time until now: we've had a crazy couple of months around here!

First we went to Denver to stay with Reece's parents for a weekend. It had been ages since we went out there, so it was great to be back. It snowed on our first day there, so we stayed in and went through the boxes and albums of Reece's childhood photos and stuff. It was really fun! We found the old teddy bear that Reece never let go of as a kid: 

We went to church with his parents on Sunday (I ended up singing with the Relief Society in Sacrament Meeting), and then had a nice afternoon finishing up with the photos. We tagged all the ones we want copies of. We also gathered up all his mission letters and Scout and school stuff to scan. 

Sorting photos back at our place

Testing out a new app so we don't have to
long-arm selfie all the time!

On our last day there, we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park with his parents. It is sooo gorgeous. I've been there before but I just don't get tired of it. We saw some of the damage from the flooding last year, which is still pretty crazy. We went up for a walk and a picnic, but it was to windy to eat outside; so we stopped at a little restaurant up on the mountain and ate there instead. 

on the deck outside the restaurant
(sheltered from the wind)

The week we came back, Reece's sister and her 2 boys were in town. They used to live near us in Utah, but moved away a couple of years ago. We had a lot of fun visiting with them. All of us, plus Reece's brother and his family, went to the new aquarium. It was cool!

with "Hobbes," who was just a baby when they moved away

"C'mon Uncle Reece!" On the way to see the penguins

"Calvin" was so into the penguins!
A couple of years ago, I took him to the aquarium
right after his brother was born; the penguins were
his favorite then, too, and I think he remembered them. 

Tickling games turn into smooches.
We love these kids! 

We don't have any pictures with the other niece and nephew who were there; I don't know why. We love them too!

Then my family was in town! My whole family hadn't been all together at once since my sister's wedding in December 2012, so it was really nice. My parents and youngest sister came up for General Conference, and also to swing up to BYU-Idaho, where my youngest sister will be attending in the fall. 

my 3 little sisters curled up on my couch

Haley's dad and 2 youngest sisters relaxing
Gotta love technology, it brings us all
closer together ;)

On Monday, Reece and I got to spend a little time with just us and my parents before Dad had to fly back to Los Angeles (home). It was fun!

In mid-April, we stayed up to watch the lunar eclipse. It was visible here about 1:00 am. We stayed awake watching episodes of Nova and something on our DVR. 

It was fun! and really late at night :) 

My journal entry, including doodles of its
progression (we kept checking, since it was
too cold to stay outside, but we didn't want
to miss it!)

Lastly, after the family left, Reece and I had a big weekend together: we got tickets to ComicCon, and to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's performance of The Messiah, the night before Easter! It was so, so fun!

waiting for a panel at Comic Con to start
We didn't dress up, since we hadn't been before, and we
wanted to figure it all out before dealing with costumes :) 

the program for The Messiah

We had seriously incredible seats, right in the center of the floor
The concert was unbelievably great!

Anyways, that's an update on our last month! Lots of crazy fun. 

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